EC CCS Marine Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon EPIRB Vep8

GMDSS EPIRB Marine Emergency position-Indicating Radio Beacon VEP-8


GMDSS EPIRB Marine Emergency position-Indicating Radio Beacon VEP-8
operting temperature:  -20 to +55ºC storage temperature:                                                                                     -40 to +65ºC  
battery:     lithium,5 years warranty  
operating time: >200 hours at -20ºC and >400 hours at +20 ºC
strobe light: 24 flashes per minute(>1cd)   
dimensions:   θ140/231.5mm(excluding include antenna)
output power: 5W(37dBm)±2dB   
data encoding: Biphase L
weight:  <1.7kg  
output frequency: 406.040MHz±1khz   
phase modulation: 1.1rad±0.1rad 
121.5MHz Homing signal transmitter       
output frequency:      121.5MHz±3kHz 
output power:  >50mW(±17dBm)
modulation:  A3X 
transmitter duty cycle: 97%
globle positioning system   
receiver type:  50 channel,GPS L1 frequency,C/A code
sensitivity:  -160dBm(tracking&navigation) 
position accuracy: <100 m(Horizontal,Autonomous) 
cold start: 32s(autonomous)

     VEP8 can be activated automatically or manually when ships in distress.Then the emergency signal of 406MHz for help will be transmitted and forward to the search and rescue center by satellite.The search and rescue center will carry out the emergency rescue plan according to the received signal.When the vessel is in distress, VEP8 shows bit standard will be automatically ejected from the release device, transmitter 406MHz emergency signal, Cospas / Sarsat system satellite signal is received, will be communicated to the shore-based terminal. LUT (Local User Terminal) decoding analysis to produce bit, position, and to convey the RCC (rescue center), in order to implement the emergency.
     VEP8 satellite emergency position indicating radio beacon designed according to the latest national and international standards for domestic and international various vessels. Additional 121.5MHz locator transmitters to facilitate maritime search and rescue teams quickly locate the location of the incident, significantly shortening the rescue time.

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