Marine Manhole Cover And Hatch Cover for Ship

Marine Ship Boat Galvanized Steel/Aluminum Oil Tight Hatch Cover Manhole Cover For Ship
Quick Acting Watertight Steel hatch cover is with the spring-balance device and the central clip device, so it is watertight, and can be opened or closed quickly and easily.There are two types, A type is round, B type is square. It is used as the quick entry or exit which has the watertight demand on various ships
Use pressure: 0.2Mpa.
Main Material: Steel
Watertight test requirement: The cover must be closed, and maintain 15 minutes after 0.3Mpa water is put into the test tank.
The Coaming H can be changed, here in the form is the min.
Clear Size Cut Out Size Coaming Inner Diameter Cover Outside Diameter Cover Thickness Coaming Center Distance Weight
D D1 D2 D3 t t1 H B kgs
600 640 670 720 12 12 200 473 245
650 690 720 770 498 266
700 740 770 820 523 285
750 790 820 870 548 306
800 840 870 920 573 328

We offers two types of marine covers: hatch cover and manhole cover
**Hatch Cover:
Steel Small Size Hatch Cover
Rotating Oil Tight Hatch Cover
Steel Weathertight Hatch Cover
Aluminum Weathertight Hatch Cover
Steel Watertight Hatch Cover
Aluminum Watertight Hatch Cover
Pressure Proof Manhole Cover & Hatch Cover
Quick Acting Watertight Hatch Cover
Hatch Cover for Suez Canal Light
Air Hatch Cover
Fireproof Hatch Cover
**Manhole Cove:
Type A Manhole Cover with Coaming--nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness10 , CB/T19-2001
Typ B1 Flat Type Manhole Cover---- nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness10 , CB/T19-2001
model C1 Embedded Type Manhole Cover with Shield--- nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness12 , CB/T19-2001
Model D1 Long Circular Sunk Type Manhole Cover with shield---nominal size:600*400, cover plate thichness14 , CB/T19-2001
Model A Stud Mounted Manhole Cover, Model A Ballast liquid tank manhole cover with check hole wihc size 600*400 6CB/T3981-2008

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