Marine Outfitting Ship Windows Porthole

A60 Fire-Proof Stainless Steel Maritime Marine Portholes Brass Boat Ship Porthole Windows for Sale
Fireproof Side Scuttle (Firepoof Porthole) is a kind of fire resistant side scuttles made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel. It can be installed by welded or bolted; suitable for accommodations & other marine instructments with A60 fireproof requirement.
Standard: GB/T14413-93, IMO Res MSC 61(67), IMO Res. A.754(18)
Fire protection class: A60
Main Material:Frame: Steel
Glass: Fireproof Glass

Weitong Marine provides all kinds of deck marine windows:
Fireproof Window
Fixed Rectangular Window
Marine Side Scuttles (also called as Porthole window)
Aluminum Alloy Sound Proof Window
Aluminium Alloy Sliding Window
If you are looking for any of marine windows,doors, covers or ladders, pls don't hesitate to inquiry.

Nominal Size D Hole Size of Casing Wall Size of Outside Main Glass Thick Size of Glass
D2 t D3
  Type A Type B   Heavy Medium Type A Type B
Φ200 Φ383 Φ425 Φ422 10 8 Φ240 Φ472
Φ250 Φ433 Φ475 Φ472 12 8 Φ290 Φ522
Φ300 Φ483 Φ535 Φ522 15 10 Φ340 Φ572
Φ350 Φ533 Φ575 Φ572 15 12 Φ390 Φ622
Φ400 Φ583 Φ625 Φ622 19 12 Φ440 Φ672
Φ450 Φ633 Φ675 Φ672 19 15 Φ490 Φ722

We offers 3 types customized marine windows: standard duty, medium duty and heavity duty.
Material: Aluminum, Steel, Copper
Glass thickness: 6,8,10,12,15,18mm...
Open form: open type or fixed type 
Way of installation bolt-on, welt-in 
Main Types:
Fixed Rectangular Window for Wheel House
Ship's Ordinary Rectangular Window
Side Scuttles for Ship (also called as Porthole)
Aluminum Alloy Sound Proof Window
Aluminium Alloy Sliding Window
Fireproof Window etc.

Quality Assurance and Service
1. Have a complete rigorous management, production and inspection processes to control the quality and avoid detail mistake
2. Design and produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection, flaw detection etc., and double check is a must.
4. Advanced factory facility ensure
5. Response to any inquiry within 24 HRS with design or efficient solution from our engineer or tech supporter.
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. on time delivery, as we have rigorous production schedule and profession follow-up process
8. Moderate price and professional service

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